Friday, December 8, 2023

How would a manufacturer benefit by using fewer scarce resources?

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Option A) The product would be less expensive to produce.
Option B) The product would better satisfy consumer needs.
Option C) The product would be popular and readily available.
Option D) The product would provide a more satisfactory profit.

Answer:- The right answer is Option A) The product would be less expensive to produce.


A manufacturer would benefit by using fewer scarce resources because the product would be less expensive to produce. Scarce resources are limited in availability, and therefore, they are expensive to acquire. By using fewer scarce resources, the manufacturer can reduce the cost of production, which can result in a more affordable product for consumers or higher profit margins for the manufacturer.

While using fewer resources may help to improve the sustainability of the manufacturing process, it may not necessarily result in a product that better satisfies consumer needs (Option B) or is more popular and readily available (Option C). However, a more affordable product could potentially be more accessible to consumers, which could increase its popularity and availability. Additionally, the use of fewer resources may not necessarily guarantee a more satisfactory profit (Option D), as there are other factors that can impact profitability such as competition, market demand, and production costs.

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