Friday, December 8, 2023

Which graph shows the axis of symmetry for the function f(x) = (x – 2)2 + 1?

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Quadratic equations are characterized by having a degree equal to two, and their graphical representation forms a parabola.

For the given function: f(x) = (x – 2)2 + 1, we can see that it is in vertex form, with the vertex at (2, 1).

The graph of the function f(x) = (x – 2)22 + 1 is displayed above.

Upon examining the graph, it’s evident that the curve of the equation is an upward-facing parabola with its vertex located at (2, 1).

Furthermore, because the curve does not intersect the x-axis, it indicates that f(x) has no real roots.

In conclusion, the graph that illustrates the axis of symmetry for the function f(x) is the parabola with its vertex at (2, 1).

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